Client comScore

Project UX Research, Dashboard UI Design, Data Visualization

Advertising agencies, publishers, marketers and financial analysts turn to comScore for the industry-leading solutions needed to craft successful digital, marketing, sales, product development and trading strategies. comScore needed to redesign and merge its Audience Analytics (AdEffx) products as one unified product. They had two goals: provide more digestible insights into how to improve campaigns and provide customization to suit different user needs.

Diving into
the user

I interviewed three major user groups: comScore employees (e.g. client services representatives), buy-side clients (e.g. consumer-packaged goods companies, advertising agencies) and sell-side clients (e.g. online media publishers, advertising networks).  

I spoke to users at several major agencies and publishing companies such as TIME, ABC/Disney and USA Today to understand how they used AdEffx products. I heard what their needs, goals and pain points were.  

media buyer

“How are my campaigns performing?”

media seller

“How am I leveraging my inventory for today’s demands?”

Client Service

“I want to help my clients succeed!”

& Testing

Based on what we learned, my team collaborated with comScore to generate ideas for a more effective product. After we prioritized which ideas to pursue, we strategized concepts, and built a prototype that we tested with users.

The Outcome

My team created a new merged AdEffx UI that first displays the user’s top metrics for the campaigns they are following. The new health dashboard allows the user to see at a glance what campaigns aren’t doing well, and to dive deeper to find out why and how to improve it. Features include the ability to package, export, and share data.