Client The Bozzuto Group

Project UX Research, Concept Design

Today, apartment searches start online. The Bozzuto Group, a luxury real estate company, was in the digital penthouse. But it wanted to stay one step ahead and rethink its website to focus primarily on enticing people to come in for a tour. The cutting-edge website design was a mobile-friendly, step-by-step search filter with a horizontal-scrolling, Netflix-style, e-commerce-esque search results page and an interactive photo gallery of the communities’ interior and exterior.

Diving into
the user

With product design, researching an audience and ultimately understanding them is immensely important. I interviewed apartment renters and home buyers to better understand how they searched for homes online. At the time of my research, these participants were looking for a new home. They were also in Bozzuto’s target income brackets.

The Empty Nester

“I am divorced, a mother of three and my youngest son just left for college. So I don’t need as much space anymore.”

The young professional

“I want to live close to downtown where there are lots to do. I’m still young so I my social life is important.

The new family

“We would be willing to live further away from the city for a house that fits our needs in terms of size, but we need to be in a good school district.”

& Testing

After speaking with users, I learned that what compelled people to schedule a building tour is the trustworthiness of the photos. People wanted to be able to imagine themselves living not just in the physical home but the community surrounding it. I also learned that the current home search process is a huge pain point. Together with the Bozzuto Group, my team brainstormed how we might ease the renting/buying search process and how we might display property photos to inspire trust. After crafting concepts, we created a working prototype which we tested with users.

The Outcome

Across the board, the new prototype scored better than Bozzuto’s current site in terms of visual design preference and brand impression. The new design was also far more convincing in terms of engaging users to sign up for an in-person tour.

“This was kind of sexy, very classy, very crisp. It felt very professional and very high end." ~ Apartment seeker