Client Birthright Israel

Project UX Research,
Mobile App Design

Birthright Israel provides a free 10-day trip to Israel for young Jewish people to strengthen their Jewish identity and build a connection to Jewish culture. But once these young people return home with their new found Jewish identity, then what? My goal was to build a post-trip app to serve as a portal for trip participants to continue their Jewish journey after they return home.

Diving into
the user

I interviewed 18 trip participants, both male and female, around the ages of 18 – 25 who had, just a month prior, returned from their Birthright trip. This allowed me to soak up their perspective and to understand their experience on the trip, as well as their needs and their goals for after their trip.

The Socializer

“The trip made me want to become more connected to my Jewish identity and I am actively seeking out ways to be involved.”

The Connector

“I never realized people had such different experiences from me growing up as a part of the Jewish community. I take it for granted.”

The outsider

“I’m generally comfortable with my connection with Jewish life; any changes I make will be more personal than community-focused.”

& Testing

We executed three rounds of user testing; user interviews, concept testing, and validation testing. The information we gathered helped us decide what to build, and how. Gathering the team together, we concepted four major features for the app: Activity Feed, Events, Community, and Profile.

The initial concepts offered a portal to keep trip participants connected after the trip. It was also a platform to post status updates and to find events and news. Although all of these things we heard users wanted, in theory, would not be used as often because it became an app that seemed to replace other social media platforms. And because habits are hard to change, we shifted the direction of the app to focus more on finding events in the Jewish community.

The Outcome

We created a go-to event app for young Jewish adults to find events in their community. Users can invite friends to an event, check into events, receive notifications when a friend is going to an event, etc. In addition, the app offers a feed of personalized content such as Israeli news, entertainment, and Hebrew lessons to stay connected to the Israeli culture.

“It’s like having Israel in the palm of my hand. This makes me feel great that I can stay connected because the trip was truly my Birthright." ~ Trip participant